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Produced by: Dragon Pharma

Quantity and Dosage: 100 pills – 10 mg

Active Substance: Oxandrolone

Prescription: NOT needed.

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We supply high-quality Anavar pills by one of the best manufacturers Dragon Pharma. It is perfect for athletes who want to get fast and effective muscle mass gain without side effects!

Here you can buy Anavar 10 mg pills with fast and discreet delivery to any location in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, and all over the world!

Anavar / Oxandrolone Administration

The standard doses of Anavar for therapeutic treatment are usually in the range of 5-10 mg per day, with a maximum dose of 20 mg per day. Such use usually lasts 2-4 weeks with a short break after use before performing the next 2-4 week cycle. Such use will continue for as long as deemed necessary.

For a male athlete enhancing athletic performance, a dosage of 20-30 mg per day will provide athletic improvement, but most find 40-50 mg per day to be much more effective. 80 mg daily is not uncommon, but it increases the risk of side effects. A typical male Anavar cycle is 6-8 weeks. For female athletes who are enhancing athletic performance, whatever the purpose of use, 5-10 mg per day is usually the ideal dose. Very few women need more than 10 mg per day. If more is desired and 10 mg per day is well tolerated, you can try 15 mg per day next time. However, each increase in dosage increases the risk of virilization. Doses of 20 mg per day greatly increase the risk, with doses above this level almost guaranteeing some level of virilization. A typical female Anavar cycle is 6-8 weeks.

Availability of Anavar / Oxandrolone

There is not much Anavar on the black market and prescription Oxandrolone can be difficult to obtain and quite expensive. Even the black market versions will cost a lot more than most oral steroids. It is not uncommon for an oxandrolone 5-10 mg tablet to cost between $ 1 and $ 4 per tablet, while steroids such as Dianabol can easily be found for a few cents a dollar for a 10 mg tablet. Another problem with the Anavar market is the quality of the tabs. There are several quality brands on the market, but many are under-dosed or mislabeled. Some low-quality manufacturers actually label the steroid as oxandrolone, but in reality, they used the cheaper Dianabol. The person still gets a powerful anabolic effect, but the overall effect is not what he wanted. For a woman, this can be a disaster due to virilization.

If you are looking for quality Anavar, you will need to put the time and effort into finding it. You should not make a purchase based on the proposed product, but rather seek independent reviews of the relevant brand and supplier. Failure to comply with this rule will most likely result in a substandard product. It’s better to choose our online store and not be cheated!

Anavar / Oxandrolone reviews

Anavar, we cannot call it an extremely potent anabolic steroid; however, we can call it extremely useful. When we consider its generally well-tolerated nature, it takes it to the next level, making it one of the most effective anabolic steroids of all time. The key to getting the most out of it is understanding the hormone oxandrolone, knowing what it can do, and incorporating it into your plan for the right purpose. If you want to significantly increase muscle mass in a relatively short period of time, this steroid will disappoint you. Many tend to assume that the purpose of using anabolic steroids is to promote significant gains in muscle tissue, and if this does not happen, you are taking supplements for the wrong reasons or in the wrong way. Many do not understand that gain is not defined as weight gain and nothing else. many supplements for total body transformations that may not include large gains in mass. Some supplements are used to improve athletic performance, while others use steroids to maintain bulk and improve appearance. If any of these goals are right for you, Anavar for sale is a great choice for meeting your anabolic steroid needs.

3 reviews for Anavar 10 mg 100 pills

  1. Cristian Varane

    One of the best steroids for muscle gain. Enjoy using it! I bought 3 packs and very pleased with the quality!

  2. Glen Watts

    Have you been thinking about buying Anavar? If so, you’re definitely not alone – this steroid is one of the most popular on the market today. But before you make your purchase, there are a few things you need to know: correct dosage, diet and workout plan. I like the effect of this steroid. Really good.

  3. Martin Taylor

    I received other brand instead of Dragon Pharma. But I noticed no difference. Good and real Anavar for sale for a reasonable price. Good job ACNM!

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