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Human Growth Hormone, also called HGH and Somatropin, is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland.

When the amount of HGH in the body is low, problems occur and various diseases appear. Therefore, HGH Supplements is a synthetic analog of human growth hormone, which was first developed in the 1980s. Today, HGH is most commonly taken by athletes as a solution for injection, although it is also possible to find it in the form of growth hormone pills.

Features of Human Growth Hormone

HGH production is controlled by a complex set of hormones produced in the hypothalamus of the brain and in the intestinal tract and pancreas. The pituitary gland secretes the hormone and its levels in the body increase after exercise, trauma, and sleep. Under normal conditions, more somatropin is produced at night than during the day.

Once the pituitary gland releases another part of the HGH, this substance remains active in the blood for only a few minutes. In this short time, the liver manages to donate the various cells with the ability to grow. GH acts on many tissues throughout the body. In children and adolescents, it stimulates the growth of bones and cartilage.

You can also find Growth Hormone under the name Genotropin, Eutropin, Somatropin, Singanitropin, Insulin, and others.

Benefits, action, and effect of HGH Supplements

In both children and adults, somatropin helps control the body’s metabolism, the process by which cells convert food into energy and produce other substances that the body needs. Here are the main benefits, action, and effect you can expect with proper intake of Human Growth Hormone:
– Enhances protein synthesis;
– Increases muscle mass by stimulating muscle growth and preventing age-related muscle decline;
– Reduces body fat by activating lipase – the enzyme that absorbs fat;
– Increases blood sugar levels;
– Increases libido;
– Strengthens bones and makes them healthier;
– It has an anti-aging effect;
– Restores the liver;
– Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

These are just some of the positive effects of Human Growth Hormone. Browse the category with HGH products in the online store of ACNM Online Pharmacy. Easy online ordering and best prices guaranteed!

HGH cycle: dosage, intake, and combinations with supplements

The cycle with each of these fitness products and supplements should be done with extremely strict intake, dosage, and measured combinations. In addition, after the end of the intake, a special program should be made to cleanse the body after intake. It is best to consult a specialist before taking. Also, if you are taking a solution for injection, do not beat the injection in the same place!

Injections, dosage, cycle:

Each of the products requires a different dose and individual intake program. Some bodybuilders take Humatrop 3IU daily, taking care never to exceed the 8IU daily dose. According to many athletes, the duration of the cycle can be between 3-6 months, and should not exceed a period of half a year. In any case, it is best to have a course for individual admission and a cycle with combinations suitable for your needs.


Some athletes increase the dose over time when they are sure that they have no problems with side effects and after consultation with a specialist. Combinations with Thyroxine and Ephedrine are popular. Others combine with Testosterone Propionate and T3 (Triiodothyronine). Some of these products can be found at affordable prices at our pharmacy!

Side effects and precautions

Medical experts say that the side effects of taking Human Growth Hormone are not common, but still, before you use it you should be aware of the dangers. Possible side effects in overdose, which are relatively rare with HGH, are:
– Carpal tunnel syndrome;
– Nerve, muscle, or joint pain;
– Swelling of the hands and feet from fluid retention (edema);
– High cholesterol levels;
– Skin tingling;
– Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes;
– Cancerous tumors;
– Enlargement of the arms, legs, or facial features (acromegaly);
– Mood swings;
– Enlargement of the heart;
– Low blood sugar;
– Liver damage;
– Fatigue;
– Enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia).

Bodybuilders who experience any of the symptoms or other problems should contact their doctor immediately. They may change the dose, as this can be crucial in relieving the symptoms. Find out evertyhing before you buy it online.

Attention! Somatropin injection is not recommended for people who have: tumors; crab; serious diseases; respiratory problems; many injuries. HGH can affect the body’s production of insulin, so people with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels closely. That is why it is important to buy the GH product only after you are sure that it is right for you.

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